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Custom Leashes


Leashes by Lori was honored to be a guest on the 'Meet the Entrepreneurs' Wicked Marketing Podcast. The podcast provides excellent marketing tips and recommendations to increase awareness for your business and other valuable advice from the founders of Los Angeles marketing agency Wicked Bionic.

Order the leash that fits your individual needs

Our Story

I needed some strong leashes for my working dogs that didn't hurt my hands and this material (tubular webbing) was the best & strongest that I could find so I made one for myself. My dog club members wanted some too so, to differentiate them, I began personalizing each leash. One leash for myself became hundreds for others and Leashes by Lori was born! I'm so excited to share them with all of you.

Our Products

Our products are made from the highest quality of materials.  The tubular webbing for our leashes outperforms normal webbing in strength, flexibility, pliability and durability. Due to the high thread count and fine weave pattern, there is minimum exposure of individual fibers resulting in an ultra-soft material.  The line we use is very strong with a tensile strength of 4,046 lbf (pounds of force).  The hardware used is also matched to the strength of the line for reliability. 

Our Customers

Our customers are why we exist!  Custom means that we will work with you in any way possible to provide you with the product that best fits your needs.  If you don’t see it, just ask.  We are continually in the product development process in order to provide requested items.  Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us at Leashes by Lori.  We pride ourselves in providing our products in a timely, high quality and fair manner. 

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